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Fandom: UK Politics
Title: The Vicar and the Rabbi
Ship(s): Chris Bryant/Ed Miliband
Word Count: 282
Rating: G
Summary: Chris looks quite attractive in his husband's kippah. (Can also be found here at the meme.
Disclaimer: This is a creative work of fiction, composed of fictional characters inspired by the public personas of living people. No injury or disrespect is intended to the persons named. If you've found this by googling yourself or someone you know, stop playing on the Internet and go run the country.

The Vicar and the Rabbi

“I can’t believe you’re making me wear this,” Ed complains, his hands flitting restlessly about the unfamiliar collar.

“I wore the Red Army uniform last week,” Chris says, from the floor. (Where he’s adjusting Ed’s surplice, thank you very much.)

Ed makes a face. “That was distinctly different.”


“This is…blasphemous,” Ed tries again, biting his lip. “I’m a rabbi.”

Chris stands. He seems to be having trouble controlling his mouth – and then he gives in, letting a wide grin overtake his face. “And the most beautiful rabbi in all the land, indeed. But today, a vicar.”

“You are impossible,” Ed says.

Chris just keeps smiling at him. “Is my kippah crooked, dear?”

Ed checks. “You’re fine.”

“I’m more than fine,” Chris says, assuming his best sainted vicar expression. “I’m fantastic.”

Ed finds himself tangling his fingers in short fair hair, careful not to interfere with the headgear. “You don’t make a particularly good rabbi,” he says, just to see the way Chris’s eyes spark, the way Chris unconsciously tilts his head into Ed’s questing fingers, like a cat eager to be stroked.

Chris catches him about the waist and lifts him bodily, swinging them about to face the full-length mirror that Ed secretly thinks is a bit of a vanity but Chris can’t live without. “Look at us, Edward. The vicar and the rabbi.”

“I look ridiculous,” Ed complains, appalled. Vestments are not his style.

Chris tilts his head to one side, considering. “Slightly.”

“Thanks,” Ed says.

The arm about his waist tightens. “Slightly ridiculous,” Chris amends, “and irresistibly debauchable.”

“Your mind,” Ed says helplessly – but it’s no use.

And perhaps – just perhaps – he wouldn’t have it any other way.
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