Feb. 17th, 2012

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Fandom: UK Politics
Title: Amateurs
Ship(s): Chris Bryant/Alastair Campbell
Word Count: 670
Rating: PG-13
Summary: One of the lesser-known items in Alastair's job description is to keep MPs from using casual sex sites, even if this occasionally means he has to take matters into his own quite capable hands. Flashfic for a prompt at the meme that wanted Alastair Campbell/Chris Bryant.
Disclaimer: This is a creative work of fiction, composed of fictional characters inspired by the public personas of living people. No injury or disrespect is intended to the persons named. If you've found this by googling yourself or someone you know, stop playing on the Internet and go run the country.

Amateurs )

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So I recently realised that I never posted my Yuletide fics on LJ/DW. I suppose I should catch up on them now, before too much time has gone by!

The first one is my Yuletide assignment, for [personal profile] astolat.

Fandom: Damar Series - Robin McKinley
Title: Springtime in Ihistan
Ship(s): OC/OC
Word Count: 1,455
Rating: G
Summary: A meeting in a marketplace; blue eyes, pimchies, and Gonturan; memories and Meeldtar.
Disclaimer: This is a creative work of fiction, inspired by a world created by Robin McKinley. I do not own that world, and I am making no money from this work.

"Surely you know," Jack said, frowning. "Your great-grandmother - mother's mother's mother - was a Hillwoman; one of rank, I believe. That was before we'd gained a proper foothold here..." (The Blue Sword, p. 207)

Springtime in Ihistan )



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